Full Cast - Non Precious Crown or Onlay

Full Cast - Non Precious Crown or Onlay


Streamline's Full Metal non-Precious is a great choice for crowns needing a precise fit due to limited occlusal space and an economical restoration.


  • Chip-resistant: withstands pressure of biting and chewing
  • Economical - no added alloy fees
  • Minimal wear on opposing teeth
  • Resistance to plaque buildup
  • Practical and healthy option for patients


  • Single Unit Crowns with limited occlusal space, Inlays and Onlays, Bridge Restorations, Gold Occlusals


  • Manufacturer: Argen
  • Product:  Argeloy N.P. Special
  • Color: Silver
  • Alloy: Cr 31.5, Co 59.5, Mo 5, Si 2, Mn 1, Other 1 (Lead Free)


  • Resin Ionomer Cement (RelyX, 3M ESPE)
  • Panavia 21 - ideal for short, tapered preparations
  • Glass ionomer cement (GC Fuji, GC America)
  • Zinc Phosphate
  • Polycarboxylate


  • 9 Days in Lab