Flexi Bilateral Partial Denture

Flexi Bilateral Partial Denture


Streamline's flexi removable partials are ideal for dentists seeking a metal-free RPD or partial metal RPD.


  • Flexible denture base is more adaptable to the patients mouth than full metal RPDs
  • Can be designed to fit challenging cases such as pediatric patients and cleft palates
  • Made of biocompatible thermoplastic - will not lead to allergic reactions that acrylic based dentures may cause
  • Streamline can fabricate your flexible denture as metal free or as a combination of Metal and Flexi base

Teeth Options

  • Yamahachi
  • Dentsply IPN Teeth

Additional Benefits of Streamline's Flexible Dentures:

  • Retention: Flexibles offer tight fit around tooth contours offering intimate retention
  • Comfort: Flexibles are thin, lightweight and less obtrusive than metal RPDs
  • Aesthetics: With four basic shades (Light Pink (Shade 1), Standard Pink (Shade 2), Light/Dark (Shade 3), and Dark Pink (Shade 4)), Streamline Flexi can match your patient's natural tissue tone better than other RPDs. Additionally, with a thin clasp translucent design, Streamline Flexi has no embarrassing metal clasps.
  • Strength: Streamline Flexi are clinically unbreakable and more durable than acrylic dentures. It will not deteriorate chemically when it comes in contact with fluids or bacteria
  • Ease: Requires no tooth or tissue preparation, offering your patient a more comfortable solution
  • Repairable: We can add teeth, replace teeth and add clasps to all of our flexi products.


  • 5-9 Days in Lab