Snap On Veneers

Snap On Veneers


Snap On Veneers are a non-permanent, purely cosmetic alternative to traditional veneers and can cover missing teeth, chips, and stains. It can also be used in place of a flipper.

Please note: customizations are limited on this item and adjustments are not possible. Shades are limited to: 0M1, A1, and A2.

Get 5 day turnaround time on these new Snap On Veneers. Send in a digital scan of your patient or take a physical impression.


Snap on Veneers are not indicated for permanent tooth replacement or as an orthodontic or nightguard appliance.

Impression Technique:

1. No tooth prepration is needed or indicated.
2. Margin: The most important aspect to a well fitting veneer is the gum line - the margin of the tooth as it touches the gum. Massaging the gum while impression material is setting is necessary to capture the gum line in detail.


A. Triple Tray Full Arch Impression: A triple tray full arch impression is an ideal technique utilizing a full arch bite tray. Place Impression Material on both sides and have the patient bite down completely. Then massage the gums below the lower lip and above the upper lip.
B. Single Arch Tray: Single arch tray is also an effective technique, but will require a separate bite registration. Careful attention to the gum line is required to ensure there are no missing margins.